Algae – World’s oldest superfood

Algae constantly gain importance: on the one hand for renewable energy production and on the other hand for human nutrition. Many experts think that algae will play an essential part in fighting hunger in the world.  (Godfray H 2010, Tilman D 2011).

Macro algae and micro algae

There is a difference between micro algae and macro algae. Macro algae’s more common name is seaweed. We use the micro algae „Chlorella“ in our HELGA products. Chlorella is one of the many different types of green algae and it is grown in a German algae farm in glass tubes. This closed system guarantees pure algae of very high quality.

Fast growth brings more sustainability

Compared to every plant on our planet, Chlorella algae is known to have the highest content of chlorophyll. This is the reason for its name. Like other plants Chorella grows by doing photosynthesis. Biomass grows by using carbondioxide and sun light. Micro algae grow ten times faster than rooted plants because algae do not have to form structures and roots. Therefore algae are a very sustainable and economic biomasssource for different fields: from food to fuel.

Algae are perfect for a well-balanced nutrition and lifestyle

Algae are a very good source to recharge up your body’s batteries with vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The protein content of microalgae is up to 60%. This is very high. The composition of protein in Chlorella contains all the essential aminoacids and is very positive compared to the protein composition of eggs, soy, and wheat. Essential amino acids are very important for the human body since we have to make sure to take up these amino acids with our food since they cannot be produced by the body itself. (I.S.Chronakis M.Madsen 2014)


The glass tubes in Klötze. Picture: Jörg Ullmann

HELGA – Algae, Science and Opportunity

The invention of HELGA happened accidentally: the chemical engineer Anneliese grew algae for developing a sustainable biofuel source. She found in her analyses the variety of healthy nutrients for the human body, for example unsaturated fatty acids, proteins, iron, vitamins, chlorophyll and many more.  She was very excited about this discovery and told her friends Ute and Renate about algae. Together the three women developed business ideas with healthy food based on algae. In 2015 they invented the algae drink and the brand HELGA. HELGA is derived by the founders from healthy algae. The female name descends from the Swedish words hailac (healthy) and from helig (holy). Starting from that moment the team introduced many other ideas with algae into the market. You can buy them in our online shop!

Algae stories

Three women, five lions, and one question: Who is HELGA? Anneliese Schmidinger, Renate Steger and Ute Petritsch could clarify this question in the successful VOX Founder show “Die Hoehle der Loewen” (The lion’s den) and could spread enthusiasm within the studio.

Ralf Duemmel did not doubt and invested his money in the Austrian start-up. He is convinced of  HELGA’s success and algae as a future food in general in supermarkets, organic and healthy shops and festivals.


HELGA has been the first real innovation in the healthy beverage bench. Algae is seen as one of the most important resources for the future. At the ANUGA in Cologne, one of the most important food fairs in the world, HELGA received the “taste 15” award for innovation.

Superinvestment in the superfood algae

Vitamine B12, Chlorophyll, Protein, Iron, Detoxification, Regeneration of cells. HELGA is perfect for people living a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle and for health-conscious connoisseurs and gourmets. In our crowd investment campaign together with Conda ( 183 persons aka crowd investors contributed to HELGA as a company and to the idea of using the power of algae in human nutrition. They are still as supporting community part of our company, „part of the re-generation”.


Ute Petritsch, Anneliese Niederl-Schmidinger und Renate Steger with Ralf Dümmel after winning at the german version of Shark Tank.

Algae Products

Drink. Greener. Lighter – The „Original“ HELGA

The Original HELGA is a refreshing fizzy drink containing Chlorella algae. The functional drink is glutenfree, lactosefree, vegan, and low-carb. It contains only 13 calories / 100 mL, that is less than in the same amount of the typical Austrian drink “apple juice with soda” and HELGA tastes just a little sweet. The drink with the superfood Chlorella algae is perfect for people who want to spend their live in a healthy, active, and sustainable way. The Chlorella algae contains more chlorophyll than any other food product. Chlorophyll supports the formation of new blood cells and has a detoxifying effect which even boosts regeneration.

The perfect consumption of Chlorella algae is with a lot of water. So you have the best regeneration effect. In the HELGA drinks the combination of algae and water is well-balanced. This is an advantage to algae dietary supplements.

By the way: After a tough workout, the Original HELGA is particularly refreshing!

water, beet sugar, carbonic acid, Chlorella algae (0,2%)**, citric acid, stabilised Chlorophyll, natural flavourings.
** produced without emissions in Klötze / Deutschland
Vegan. Store cool and dark.

average nutritional value pro 100 ml
energy                            50kJ/13 kcal
fat                                      < 0,5 g
thereof saturated fats    < 0,1 g
carbohydrates                     2,7 g
thereof sugars                     2,7 g
protein                                 0,5 g
salt                                   0,003 g

Drink. Greener. Lighter – The „Mild“ HELGA („STILLE“ HELGA in German)

The „Mild“ HELGA is an organic drink with Chlorella and Spirulina algae based on pear juice. The functional drink is glutenfree, lactosefree, vegan and low-carb, no sugar added. It contains only 12 calories / 100 mL and is absolutely not sweet in comparison to other drinks based on fruit juices. Chlorella algae contains a lot of Vitamin B12. A perfect drink for the healthy lifestyle.

The Spirulina algae is like Chlorella a superfood and contains many different nutrients like Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, vitamin A and vitamin K. The Mild HELGA provides your body with essential nutrients, helps to clean up your body and eliminates stress-induced and environment-based radicals. Regeneration has never tasted more refreshing! Simple green luxury.

water, pear juice (27%) from concentrate*, spirulina extract,
Chlorella algae (0,2%)**, lemon juice concentrate*, natural flavourings.
*from controlled organic cultivation
** produced without emissions in Klötze / Deutschland
Vegan. Store cool and dark.

average nutritional value pro 100 ml
energy                 50kJ/12 kcal
fat                                   < 0,5 g
thereof saturated fats < 0,1 g
carbohydrates                  2,5 g
thereof sugars                  2,1 g
protein                              0,5 g
salt                                0,003 g


Snack. Greener. Lighter – HELGA Organic algae crackers

The HELGA organic algae crackers are light and flavourful snacks with a high density of nutrients coming from the superfood chlorella algae and flaxseeds. The chlorella algae is a sweet water algae and well-know for its high content of chlorophyll, 50% proteins, iron, fol acid and bioavailable vitamin B12. Flaxseed contain complexe carbohydrates and many minerals and fibers. The vitamin B12 is very important for vegan lifestyle, when having stress or after an exhausting workout. HELGA crackers are made in a small Austrian village close to Salzburg. The algae is grown in modern and clean glass tubes in an algae farm in Kloetze, Germany. This production system makes them pure and rich in nutrients and mild in taste. The snacks do not contain preservatives, flavour enhancer and no sugar is added.

In comparison to other snack HELGAs protein content is more than double and the fat content is less than 40%. This is due to the fact that Chlorella algae itself has such a high protein content. Our HELGA snacks are for people who want to eat healthy. In the office or at the university, while travelling or trying a diet, HELGA algae crackers are the perfect alternative to fastfood or sweets.

spelled whole wheat flour*, sunflower oil*, chlorella vulgaris** (5%), flaxseed*,
(spicy crispy variety: chili-paprika powder*), dry yeast, sea salt
*from controlled organic sources
*produced free from emissions in Klötze/Germany

average nutritional value per 100g         sea salt           spicy crispy
calories                                        1868kJ/ 448kcal          1900kJ/456 kcal
fat                                                                    14,90  g                       15,30  g
saturated fat                                                     1,34 g                          1,37  g
carbohydrates                                               55,00 g                        55,50 g
sugar                                                               00,95 g                           1,65 g
fiber                                                                 12,70 g                         13,30 g
protein                                                            16,50 g                         16,70 g
salt                                                                     1,70 g                            1,70 g

Cook. Greener. Lighter – HELGA Chlorella green power

Chlorella algae is a type of fresh water algae with a high content of chlorophyll.

– Chlorophyll detoxifies

– Vitamin B12 strengthens your nerves

– Iron supports blood formation

– Vegan protein source

The freshwater algae Chlorella is called functional food due to the bioavailable character of vitamin B-12. It is known for strengthening the cells, regenerating cells after exhausting sports, stress, or other struggles.

One spoon of HELGA green power algae powder you may cover 160% of the daily requirement of vitamin B12. The high content of vegan protein and the composition of the  essential amino acids are unique:  The chlorella algae consists of up to 50% of high-quality protein.

The Chlorella algae contains more chlorophyll than any other food product. Chlorophyll supports the formation of new blood cells and has a detoxifying effect which even boosts regeneration. Getting Iron and natural minerals are other advantages of consuming the daily dose of algae.

Ingredients: 100% chlorella vulgaris*
*produced emission free in Klötze/Germany

average nutritional value per 100gr
energy                   1563kJ/ 373 kcal
fat                                             9,1 g
saturated fat                          2,6 g
carbohydrates                     15,0 g
sugars                                      1,9 g
fiber                                       16,5 g
protein                                 49,6 g
salt                                       0,04 g

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